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Tips for a successful Bikeweek

Biker events are great and with the right spot, the right products, the right promotion and the right attitude, they can be very profitable. Just because there are thousands of people walking near your booth, you shouldn’t just sit in it waiting for people to buy… Engage them, talk with them, dance, have fun! Energy in your space will translate to more sales. You should also look at each event as advertising for online sales and also, next year’s event… If you make their purchase memorable, your customers will remember you and spread the word. If you immerse yourself in it, your vendor event can yield a very high return on your investment.


1. Location vs. Price - A great price for a spot that doesn’t deliver people is not a savings. Be prepared to pay the premium for a “hot” and busy location but be careful because higher price doesn’t automatically mean more people coming to that spot. Ask around to see what the locals think about that area or ask for a reference from a Vendor who has set up shop there before. Also ask how many years the vendor area has been established and how many people attend on average.

2. See how many other booths will be selling similar products but don’t be scared off if others sell the same thing. If the location is busy enough, there will be enough business for everyone.

3. Utilities – Find out if electric and/or water will be made available and at what cost. Ask if they supply or rent the extension cords that you would need or will you need to bring your own.

4. Ask what the vending hours are. Some places shut down earlier because they aren’t tied into entertainment venues.

5. Before committing to a spot where drinking will be happening throughout the day, make sure that your product is sellable in that atmosphere. Some products will fare better at locations that are geared to a more EXPO feel where attendees are focused on seeing and buying new products.

6. Permits - Find out in advance if your type of business is allowable by the city in that location.

7. Find out where you can park and what type of access you’ll have to entry and exit during event hours. Ask the organizer where your money is being spent. Consider the revenue sources and weigh them against the fee that you’re paying. Are there commercial sponsors covering expenses? Is there an admission fee to attendees? Is there a fee for attendee parking? Will alcohol be served?


Once you have found an event to participate in, it’s time to get yourself, your products and your display ready! If you need to bring your own tent or table, bring some tablecloths (preferably dark or bright colored) or anything else to dress up your booth and entice customers to look at your wares.

You should also have Banners and Signage that shows your company logo and others that “Shout” what you offer. The more signage the better! You need to stand out in a sea of vendors and this is what helps draw attention to your booth. You should also have sales flyers, brochures and business cards accessible. Remember that you’re at the event to sell but you can also make contacts to sell more after you return home. See some cool Banners for Sale Here.

It’s also a good idea to dress in a way that matches the mood of the event. Shirts with your logo are always good and its better if all people manning the booth look similar. A uniform look boosts credibility.

Smile and be friendly to everyone! Say hello, ask them how they are, where they’re from, compliment their outfit and/or their motorcycles, and invite them into your booth. Use open ended questions to start the conversation... Have you ever seen our products? What concerns or desires do you have that our products will help? Be genuinely interested in helping people, educate them about your products rather than just selling them... Show them with pride how cool your newest tee shirt design is… ask them if they think it’s cool. You don’t need to be pushy… be fun!

If you have some helpful Vendor Selling Tips that you’d like to share, please send us an email at with your advice along with your name, city and state so we can credit the info to you!

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